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The Anabaptist Missional Project is a network of emerging leaders who love Jesus, care about the church, and seek to be part of God’s mission in the world.


As a community of thinkers and practitioners, we exist to promote a constructive vision for church renewal, convene to fellowship and grow as emerging leaders, and network to create concrete initiatives for engaging our world missionally.


We commit to pursue the following seven goals:

  1. Foster Anabaptist identity and witness;

  2. Root our faith in the reconciling work of Jesus Christ;

  3. Live out God’s coming kingdom in the power of the Spirit;

  4. Reclaim worship, prayer, scripture reading, and confession as formative practices;

  5. Engage in holistic mission;

  6. Mentor and empower young adults;

  7. Encourage unity in the midst of diversity.


AMP currently engages in three areas of ministry:

1.We promote our mission and vision through electronic media.

2.We convene and facilitate gatherings and conferences approximately two times a year.

3.We organize and empower working groups to develop the various initiatives that emerge in our gatherings.